Brand consultancy and project management

Since an organisation on average changes its logo or brand identity only once in seven years, a rebranding is probably not part of your daily job. Chances are that you will only experience it once in your career! Many organisations, therefore, do not have the experience and knowledge to efficiently implement a new brand identity.

It is quite normal that there are many questions when your organisation decides to rebrand. Because where to start? Which brand touchpoints do you need to adjust? All or just a few? Which design agency should you hire? And what is the best implementation strategy for your budget and the available time? All relevant questions, which our brand consultants can help you to answer. They know exactly where you should pay attention to during the preparation and planning of the project.

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The Total Costs of Ownership

A rebranding often requires large investments, in money as well as in time and effort. However, it is also the perfect opportunity to evaluate processes and materials, to organise them and to improve them. Thanks to many years of experience, we are often able to reduce the TCO of a brand identity. We make working with your brand more efficient, easier and more affordable, thereby reducing the annual costs for your brand identity. This allows us to help you to achieve a maximum Return on Investment.


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